Cyes Maritime Works’ experience in undertaking maritime works with the utmost guarantees for success in any geographical location relies primarily on its high technical capability and training.

Such capability is given by a Technical Office specializing in studying marine engineering solutions and in continually developing new construction processes and an active policy of increasing investment in our own resources

Cyes Maritime Works’ technical team can also count on with the Surveying Department, equipped with the most advanced software tools and the Fleet Department, which directs, manages and maintains the maritime equipment owned. 

Our main activities:
  • Construction
  • Project development.
  • Master plans.
  • Planning and management of port areas.
  • Development of areas of logistical activity associated with maritime transport
  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility and demand studies.
  • Complete coastal developments, including development studies, coastal dynamics and regeneration.
  • Collaboration in European and Latin American projects.

Latest projects:

Sheltering works:
Mooring and berthing works:
Special Projects:
Outfall pipeline: