Cyes Maritime is the first Spanish company of its size to be recognised in the maritime works sector.
The high level of specialisation we offer this sector is embodied in each and every one of our different features: protection works, docking and mooring works and special structures
Our experience in maritime works is the best warranty for success: 

Protection Works

Protection works are the construction of structures in the sea to protect areas for future ports from sea swell. They protect docking and jetty operations, the loading and unloading of ships, as well as any other manoeuvre, storage, service, facilities and access routes which occur inside the area.

Docking and mooring works

The Docking and Mooring Works, the so-called Wharves, allow ships or vessels to approach in the protected area between land and sea to carry out port activities, such as loading and unloading goods, and passenger and provisions transport, among others.



In the maritime works sector Cyes have also specialised in the area of water sports facilities. Our vast experience has been decisive for projects like our large scale protection works, docking and mooring works for large vessels in commercial ports, along with the creation of numerous sailing, sports and recreation clubs, which has led to an improved Spanish nautical tourism thanks to important international events.

Special Structures

Due to our unique construction and completion process, some of Cyes’ maritime works have been given the name of ‘Special Structure’. The best example of this type of Cyes’ project is the refurbishment of the Prat Wharf at the Port of Barcelona.